The Shocking Truth on Ovarian Cyst Surgery

Women who have ovarian cyst only allowed themselves to be treated through a ovarian cyst surgery if this will be the final alternative to be cured. It is because you should be well prepared prior to the operation and the fact that it is also very expensive. You should be aware of this disease to have enough courage how to face it. Majority of the cyst developed in the ovaries of women are benign but you can also have a malignant case.

It is not enough that you have the money to undergo ovarian surgery. What matters most is you should be ready to suffer the possible danger brought by the surgical operation. You could experience pain which will take for some time and you should be patient until the time of your recovery because it might take a long time.

Laparoscopic surgery is one type of ovarian cyst removal surgery. The cyst developed in your ovaries will be removed even without hurting the organs. It is different in some serious cases, because there will be an ovary removal once the cyst reach the stage where it can cause ovarian cancer.

About eight hours before your actual operation, your doctor will instruct you not to eat nor drink. Any kind of medicines are also not allowed. You should follow the doctor’s instruction for your own safety. You are also asked to be examined through EKG, ultrasound, CT scan, blood and urine tests and even physical test to prepare your body with the operation.

It is better if you ask your doctor the distinction about laparoscopic surgery and open surgical operation. There are some cases that the first will not be advisable so there is no choice but to have open surgery.

The ovarian surgical operation will last for about 1 to 2 hours. You will be given some sedative to ease the usual impediments after the surgery which includes blood clotting, infection, shoulder pain, bleeding and the possible come back of the cyst.

After the surgery, it is only normal to stay in the hospital for a few days or weeks. This is needed to make sure that the operation is a success. You period when you will experience pain as well as the period of getting better is longer in open surgery than in laparoscopic surgery.

27 Responses to The Shocking Truth on Ovarian Cyst Surgery

  • Monike Sli says:

    I’m pretty sure that surgery should be the last thing to considered regarding ovarian cyst problems.
    I hear stories all the time of people that died because they went to get an unnecessary surgery and something went wrong during the process.

    Besides the change of die during the surgery comes the money problem. If there is a natural way to get rid of that for a fraction of the price would I waste my money on a surgery.

    Some doctors get commissions when they indicate patients to other doctors, if you are not sure about the surgery you definitely should take a second or even a third opinion from different doctors.

  • Paula Cirsty says:

    I think it all depends if you have the money to have the surgery. I understand that it’s very painful but it saves many lives as well.

    Natural treatment works pretty good but I think in an advanced stage the person should definitely go under surgery.

  • Jessi Polmini says:

    Paula is right. I all depends if the person have the money to do the surgery.
    It is much better if you don’t need it, but if ovarian cyst surgery is the safest solution I’d definitely chose it.

    Another problem is that even if you go under surgery, the cyst can come back again.

  • Chris Gia says:

    Is there any changes of me getting pregnant after having surgery to remove one of my ovaries?
    I heard that it’s a good idea to not try to get pregnant for at least 1 year after the surgery. does it make any sense?


  • Jill Mel says:

    I have heard many cases that when a woman suffering from ovarian cyst undergoes a surgery she dies. Is the ovarian surgery really the last resort for women who want to be cured? Or this is the first step for them to rest in peace? Aside from that, it is too costly.

  • Marta Hon says:

    I have a friend who had ovarian cyst surgery a few years ago and she was able to survive the operation. She’s doing well now but every time she has menstruation, she still suffers abdominal pain and heavy menstrual flow. I think surgery is good for just a few years and yes, the cyst may recur.

  • Mariah Bliuo says:

    Women have no choice but to submit to surgical removal of the ovarian cyst if they want to be alive and kicking again.

    Living with the cyst inside you makes you uncomfortable during menstruation as it is really painful and heavy blood

    Discharges are sometimes intolerable and makes you sickly and dizzy

  • Haydee Atlas says:

    IMHO, getting Ovarian Cyst Surgery should be last on the list of options. I have heard of lots of stories too, and its scary to say the least. But if its really that advance then it leaves us no choice right?

  • Jenna says:

    You’re right Mariah. Just the thought that something unwanted is growing inside you is going to cause a lot of stress. These women who has to go through an ovarian cyst surgery will need all the emotional support they can get, right?

  • pauline says:

    herbal remedy for ovarian cyst:
    mix 2tbs APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and 3 tbs HONEY in a glass of water (250ml). drink 3 times a day. it helped my mom, now her cyst is gone.

  • sabrina Bole says:

    hello. i am 21 years old and found out that i had 2 cysts on my ovaries. one is really big and was split open. It keeps leaking bacteria which gives me pelvic infections. I don’te have insurance but the last time I went to the doctor was over a year ago. I don’t have bad abdominal pain, nausea, heavy discharge and never get my period. i did get it once but it was so heavy and had the lining as big as baseballs come out of me. Its unpleasant to go anywhere but I have school and well I think I m might need ovarian cyst surgery which is terrifying. Also ovarian cancer runs in my family and my aunt had to have a hysterectomy from it.

  • Shannon Hill says:

    I am only thirteen and I have an ovarian cyst. The doctors have been giving me Ibuprofen. It has only been my second day on it, and though it has stopped some of my pain, I can’t live off it forever. The doctor told me to come back in 6 to 8 weeks for another Ultra sound. But I just have a strong feeling it wont go away. My cyst is 4cm. It has been leaking and causing me a lot of pain. I hope to get the surgery because I think It’s the best choice for me. The only thing I am worried about is having a 50 percent cut back of chances of me having kids. I don’t know what to do. :(

  • Aylae says:

    I was 13 when I got a cyst on my ovary that was about 4 inches wide. They tried laparoscopic surgery and that didn’t work so they had to do a C-Section to get the sucker out. I’m not dead, AND they managed to save my ovary. Do not despair hun.

  • Nara says:

    I went through a C-section and honestly, I can never say I was able to fully recuperate. It’s as if I never went back to my active physical self. Any invasive procedure will have an effect of course. Ah! The woes of women. I don’t think surgical removal of an ovarian cyst is any different, it’s still gonna be invasive and expensive too.

  • Rona Dun says:

    A friend of mine also went under the knife. Still the cyst recurred. Would there be like a permanent solution to this? I read about the herbal remedy for an ovarian cyst and she’s going to try this. It’s not a hopeless situation at all.

  • Jeff says:

    It doesn’t how matter anymore how painful the operation is. What is important is that to cure and get safe. Let’s just hope and pray for each and every one’s safety.

  • Elena says:

    I was diagnosed over 6 years ago with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and last year my OB found a very large cyst that he removed or not really removed but he took the fluid out. I was having severe pelvic pain had another ultrasound done and know the cyst is back is 11cm large. My OBGYN is telling me she will have to do surgery on me ASAP and also remove my left ovary and she cannot confirm if it is cancerous or not. They have sent my CT scan to an Oncologist for review but I am so scared being 35 never had children and then taking 1 of my ovaries diminishes my chances even more of ever having a child. NOT SURE WHAT TO DO AND THIS IS SOOO SCARY EVEN THINKING OF NOT HAVING SURGERY :(

  • Wilson says:

    I can’t imagine myself undergoing in that operation. It seems so painful and I’m 100% sure I can’t take any physical pain. That’s hurt:)

  • nor says:

    i went to see my doctor today.She inform me that i have 4.5 x5.6 cm cyst left 1st i got shock coz i did papsmear every year but the doctor said evertyhing is ok.but its just make me worry when i got to know about it today.i need to go back & see the doctor next week.from this web side atleast i m prepared for anything.tq

  • Brandy says:

    I am only 22 and 4 months ago I found out I had an ovarian cyst that was the size of a football. It was finals week and I had a pain in my lower right abdomen for 3 days that I thought was just stress related. Finally, after one of my finals one evening I went to urgent care doctor and they were convinced I was 5 months pregnant. After running a test that confirmed that I was not, they referred me to get a CT scan the next day. That was when they discovered the “mass.” They were shocked by it’s size, but referred me to my family doctor to go from there to set up an appointment with a specialist. I went to some lady doctor who was completely insensitive to the fears I was having and she convinced me that I needed to see an oncologist; so I spent the next two weeks terrified that I had cancer. I decided to go see a doctor that was recommended by a family member and he assured me that it was most likely not cancer since I was so young and hadn’t had any signs of cancer. So two weeks later, a month and a half after my initial appointment, I had the cyst removed surgically. By this time it had doubled in size. The cyst was benign. It has been two months since surgery and I am still in pain and not feeling much better health wise at all. I missed six weeks of work and wasn’t paid for the majority of it. Luckily I had medical insurance, but my family has received about $10,000 in medical bills after insurances portion; and I feel responsible for paying the whole of the bill since it was my body that was screwed up. This is the first time I have expressed how I am truly feeling about my ovarian cyst and my surgery, and I don’t exactly know what swayed me to do so. However, I hope someone goes away knowing that you are not alone and that someone out there understands how you feel or have felt; because now I am assured that I am not alone.

  • Jasmine Smith says:

    It is best to act earlier to cure ovarian cyst. In that way, surgery might not be an option. It’s really risky undergo surgery, besides, it cost you fortune.

  • Nora says:

    I’ve went through surgery when I was 17. I kept going to see the doctor for my pain, but they never ever suspected this disease. I just knew I have to undergo surgery 2hrs before (when having my trial exams!) because the cyst was at the final stage..and I lost my left ovary at the age of 17 ;(

    Now I’m 22. But somehow..I feel like having the symptoms again. I’ve made a urine test, but the doctor said nothing should be worried. Hmmmmm. I just don’t know what to do now.. hopefully the doctor is correct.

  • Deborah says:

    I will be having surgery next Monday, having both my ovaries removed. I am 48 and have had a prior partial hystrectomy. I have a cyst on each ovary, one is about 4cm and the other is 19cm, yes, about the size of a cataloupe. I knew i was having some pain and discomfort trying to sleep. I am nervous with it being so large. So do not wait until it gets large, find out your options.

  • Sharon Rogers says:

    I don’t like to undergo surgery. I’m afraid of needles. Maybe there are natural remedies for this. I really should be careful from now on.

  • bukola says:

    This Natural cure for Ovarian cyst is it not better than the surgery, and it will make person get pregnant, which one is better

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