How to Determine If You Have Ovarian Cyst

There have been a growing number of women around the world being afflicted with ovarian cyst. This alarming fact could suggest that every woman is not safe from acquiring ovarian cysts. Over the last few years, a lot of women in all walks of life had suffered this type of reproductive disease. Therefore you have to know the different ovarian cyst symptoms in order to get the medical care you would need quickly.

The symptoms of cyst on ovary vary depending on its type. An ovarian cyst could either be the following: functional cyst, polycystic ovaries, endometrial cysts, cytadenomas and dermoid cysts. These types of ovarian cyst differ in terms of their symptoms because they grow differently from one another.

The basic symptoms of cysts on ovaries are very hard to detect during the early stages of its growth. You might think that the symptoms are just associated with your menstrual period, which can really be confusing. In case the pain gets worse, it is definitely not wise to think that it is just a part of your ordinary menstrual cramps.

In case your back ache keeps on coming back, then it could be a sign of ovarian cyst. This condition is definitely not normal. If your lower back is in constant pain, then you probably have a cyst on ovary.

Breast tenderness is also another part of the various ovarian cyst symptoms. If it shows very clearly on your breast, you definitely have to seek the doctor for a checkup. Irregular menstrual period can also be a clear sign of having the disease. If your monthly period doesn’t come on time, this should be a cause of immediate concern.

You may also be suffering from this disease if you frequently feel like vomiting. Women who are still fertile may simply think they may be pregnant. But if the feeling of vomiting is quite frequent, even if you are not pregnant, it can be a sign of ovarian cyst.

You might also be suffering pain during sex if you have ovarian cyst. This should be a cause of concern especially if you haven’t had this type of problem before with your husband during your intimate moments. The pain is caused by the growing cyst in your ovary.

Difficulty in bowel movement may also be experienced by women having ovarian cyst. Constipation may also be one of the ovarian cyst symptoms so do not ever ignore this if it happens to you. Another sign that you may have ovarian cyst is abdominal pain especially if it is accompanied by pressure.

If you are suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, then seek your doctor at once for a quick ovarian cyst treatment if indeed you have the disease. But keep in mind as well that those symptoms mentioned are also associated with other reproductive problems.

24 Responses to How to Determine If You Have Ovarian Cyst

  • Ruchi Bruni says:

    hard to say without an ultrasound if someone has an ovarian cyst. But if you are pregnant, it could be an ectopic pregnancy (which is a surgical emergency)
    – how about appendicitis?
    – constipation or gas?

  • Jullie says:


    I don’t think an appendicitis can be confused with an ovarian cyst. I know that it can be confused with pregnancy symptoms.

  • Ariana Puni says:

    On behalf of women who have been updated and been informed about ovarian cyst, we would like extend our gratitude for making women’s lives worth living as you have given us a chance to live longer through enlightening and informative articles. This is really inspiring and moving article for everyone.

  • Paula BZ says:

    Different ovarian cyst types have also varying symptoms. Lower back pain should not be ignored if it is recurring over a period of time. Sometimes we think pain is just part of our physical mobility not a symptom of a disease. It pays to be informed of ovarian cyst and its symptoms for early detection

  • Dodaylora says:

    On behalf of women who have been updated and been informed about
    ovarian cyst, we would like extend our gratitude for making women’s lives worth living as you have given us a chance to live longer through enlightening and informative articles. This is really inspiring and moving
    article for everyone

  • sanoInsitog says:

    We really need to be vigilant about this disease. I think may women are
    Suffering from it early detection, I’m sure will help in the treatment and
    Of this disease. You will not spending much, too, for surgery if it will
    be identified as soon as possible, the earlier the better

  • Ethel Stone says:

    You don’t necessarily have to have pain. I
    did not and ended up having a 15pound cyst.
    Of course i was surgically removed and was
    found to have some malignancy inside it.
    I was lucky it was all self contained so did
    not need treatment. I had no pain. Eventu-ally ankles and feet swelled. Have
    regular internal exams to be sure

  • Jula Ken says:

    I’ve been suffering with ovarian cyst for a long time and there is only things we can do to diminish it.
    I read the book you recommended and I found it really interesting.

    thank you!

  • Marta Ponrte says:

    I had to visit at least 3 doctors before they find out that I had ovarian cyst. It was very painful and I wish that had found it earlier. Even though I told the doctors I hadn’t had sex lately they thought I was pregnant.
    They should be more prepared to deal with issues like that.

  • Sheila Art says:

    Would you recommend the ebook? I was very interested in the book review. It was very educational, very informative. Anybody could easily understand it. Oftentimes, medical jargon would not be easily understood by layman people. This is a good find!!

  • Juno Road says:

    I did experience these symptoms and true enough, my checkup revealed I had ovarian cysts. When I learned of it, it was already the size of a golf ball. I thought my size getting bigger was a sign of aging. Good thing that my surgery went well.

  • James Smith says:

    Sounds so catchy! And it seems so helpful especially for every important girl in our lives. It’s for the goodness of their health and long life.

  • Margaret Hall says:

    As far as I know, not all ovarian cysts are cancerous. There is only 15% chance that it may develop to be a cancerous one. But never under estimate every 1%, we don’t know what might happen in the three days. So preventive measure and cares are still advised.

  • Carol says:

    I already read the book and it is really worth reading for. It comprises a lot of facts, reality and sensible thoughts. You should read it and see it for yourself!

  • Maria Cerniro says:

    I also read the book and it help me understand how the whole ovarian cyst thing works. Also, I appreciate the natural things she talks about it in the book that helped me to get rid of it.

  • Marta says:

    I’m glad to have found this blog. It’s very hard to find good information on the internet.
    Even though I suffer from this awful cyst, I know that I’m alone in the world.

  • Karen shill says:

    I’m suffering from ovariam cyst since I was a teenager. It always show up and then disappear. I think it’s normal.
    I’ve seen many stories about people who suffered a lot, some people even had to fo under surgery more than once.

    I wish all the best luck trying to find an easy solution for your problem.

  • lorelyn biscocho says:

    –im glad that i found this perfect site…. 3 years ago ive got operation twice in same year … left ovarian cyst,,,,, until now i only have the same question that affect my everyday living… im so deeply want to have a baby… for Godsake me and my husband waiting for almost 5 years to have a baby…i want to know if a will have it, or still need a medication and treatment???

  • Jen Summers says:

    Most of my friends were complaining about abdominal pain during their period. But they have regular cycle. While I never experience abdominal pain even though my period is irregular. Which is one is most likely to have ovarian cysts?

  • marywelch says:

    im 53 years of age, had 3 ultrasounds showing a 5cm cyst on my left ovary. My ca-125 test was 16,hormonal levels are very high,my endotrimetiouus biopsy was goood, i had a tubligation 23 years ago, what are my chances of the cyst be magliament

  • Amy Patterson says:

    It seems like the symptoms are commonly mistaken as PMS. It’s really hard to tell. Seeing doctor is really a good idea. No women were safe with ovarian cyst.

  • Juliana adesunloye says:

    I am 28 yrs old i normally have irregular mentration but i visited diagnotic centre nd discovered i have right sided overancyst but discovered it was not there after several scan, i was given pregnancy pill to take. I took them for 3months nd my menses became normal, but recently i hv been having serious pain inside my virgina. I dont know what to do pls advise me.

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