How to Detect Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

More and more women today are alarmed by the growing number of those who are afflicted by cysts on ovaries. You just cannot tell if you are immune to any of ovarian cysts. This kind of reproductive disease affects millions of women; chances are you could also acquire it. Knowing ovarian cyst symptoms will help you a lot in getting appropriate medical care.

The symptoms vary according to what type of cyst on ovary you have. There are several kinds of ovarian cyst. There are: functional cyst, polycystic ovaries, endometrial cysts, cytadenomas and dermoid cysts. Each has different manifestations as they develop differently from one another.

The bad news about cysts on ovaries is that the symptoms do not appear at earlier periods of development, as in the case of functional cyst. You might mistake the symptoms for discomforts associated with your regular menstrual period. But if the pain is disturbing, it’s good to keep track of it and determine if it’s not ordinary menstrual cramps.

Generally, the following are associated with ovarian cyst. Do you have recurring back aches?

If so, it’s not a normal condition, just like what you feel after day’s work. Lower back pain might be a signal that you have cyst on ovary.

Breast tenderness is part of ovarian cyst symptoms. Don’t disregard this warning sign especially if it’s unusually evident. Another is menstrual irregularities. From time to time, monthly period doesn’t come on time. But if it happens frequently, it shows that you’ve got ovarian cyst.

Be wary also if you frequently feel like vomiting. If you are still in your reproductive years, you may think you’re getting pregnant. But if it persists, it can be a sign of ovarian cyst.

Do you experience painful sex? That’s something that you shouldn’t disregard. More so, if your intimate moments with your husband had not caused you problems before. The discomfort you feel can be the result of cyst growing in your ovary.

You can also experience bowel movement difficulties. Observe if you always experience it, because constipation is part of ovarian cyst symptoms.

Don’t ignore if you occasionally experience abdominal pain. The pain might also be triggered by ovarian cyst. Take note whether the discomfort is sometimes accompanied by pressure.

As a reminder, the above-mentioned symptoms are present also with other reproductive problems. So to make things sure, it’s good to consult your doctor. He can best determine your health problem, and will recommend the most appropriate ovarian cyst treatment.

36 Responses to How to Detect Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

  • Leslie says:

    Very true! Ovarian cysts can be mistaken for everything from IBS to swine flu to appendicitis – even by doctors

  • Jane Liz says:

    I really hate ovarian cyst. I’ve had two already and my sister almost died because of it. Ovarian cyst symptoms are very hard to be correctly diagnosed even by the doctors.

  • Barbara Woods says:

    hi Rachel,

    I’m not a doctor. I’m just a writer who love to share my experience regarding common health problems with other women :)

    If you need to visit a doctor, ask you physician to indicate a good one.

    If you have any other questions please let me know and I would do everything to help you find the answer.

  • Patricia Noo says:


    It’s hard to find a website with good information related to ovarian cyst nowadays. Every time I have a chance I indicate your website to friends that face ovarian cyst problems.


  • Jennifer Shea says:

    I’ve read this book already and I recommend it. the information is useful and it’s all compile in one easy to read book!

  • Maria Niz says:

    Is it true that pregancy symptmos are similar to ovarian cyst symptoms? I’m asking that because I’ve heard some women grow an ovarian cyst thinking they are caring a baby. spooky :0

    One time I watched a video of a doctor with a cyst that weights 50 kilos and I freaked out. I hope that stuff don’t happen anymore. The video is kind of 30 years old or so.

  • Barbara Woods says:

    When I watched that video I freaked out too. It looks like that woman was carrying another person inside her.
    I really appreciate the people that study new ways to make the ovarian cyst treatment much easier.

    For those who have the opportunity to read the book featured in this blog, go ahead and download a copy today.

  • Cecilia says:

    Personally ave suffered from ovarian cyst. In 2004 my right ovary was removed. In 2007, I got a baby but a yr later was diagnosed with a cyst on my left ovary. I disregarded until now that am havin problems with my cycle. The doc then said I should not worry!

  • Maria Niz says:

    hi Barbara,

    I download the ovarian cyst book you are refering to and I loved it. It’s very informative and it helped me to have a better understanding of the ovarian cyst.


  • Barbara Woods says:


    I’m glad you liked the book. Help me to spread the word and let all your friends know about the book.
    For those who have the opportunity to read the book featured in this blog, go ahead and download a copy today.


    Barbara Woods

  • Kerri Blout says:

    I just downloaded the book too. In the beginning I didn’t want to pay $39 for the book, but it was totally worth it.

    thanks for your recommendation Barb

  • Monique Bing says:

    Just before you prepare for the great battle against the ovarian cyst, the best thing that you must do first is to know the signs and symptoms of the ovarian cyst since it has many types. I encourage all the girls out there who are suffering from this kind of illness to visit their doctors regularly.

  • Lucia says:

    I believe that ovarian cyst is one of the worst things a woman can have. It’s painful, no one can detect them and it’s very expensive if you need to go under surgery. :(

  • Joana Martins says:

    Because I live in brazil, it is very hard to find good information about ovarian cyst in Portuguese.

    Thank you very much for all the articles you wrote about ovarian cyst!

  • Barbara Woods says:


    I’m glad you liked the information about ovarian cyst here in my blog. I hope you can to visit the blog again :)

  • Juliana Flintz says:

    I really liked the Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets book your are offering here in your website.I thought you’d wrote but I realized that it was Laura Hennings.

    I really appreciate your concerns about ovarian cyst. I hope more women have the chance to read the book and get cured from their cyst :)


  • Barbara Woods says:


    I really appreciate your feedback on the book. I didn’t write it but I decided to promote it because it’s helpful for people suffering from ovarian cyst.

    Thank you for your kind words!

  • Verns Rodriguez says:

    This condition has become like a dreaded disease. Is there some kind of diagnostic exam to detect these types of cysts? I am unusually wary because it runs among the women in my family on both sides. I may or may not have it.

  • Daphne Lee says:

    I’m still in my reproductive years but my doctor told me I had a myoma. Doctor’s telling me that I had to have a baby soon or else the fetus’ growth will be affected. I don’t know of anybody in the family who has ovarian cysts. And I think it is only me.

  • Marielynn says:

    I’m 18, I understand this isn’t the most effective way of figuring things out. But I’m afraid I may have ovarian cysts.

    I have sharp pains and pressure in my abdomen. I’m not bloated, but I do feel full. I’ve been slightly light headed lately, abd I’ve had an odd time urinating. It isn’t difficult just different. My lower back hurts too, as if it’s been put to work for a long period of time. I’m in a lot of pain and I know I’m not pregnant.

    I am due for my “monthly gift” soon. But I’m not sure when.

  • Allie H. says:

    The information in your article is wonderful! I’ve been complaining to my doctos for 9 months now with almost all of the symtoms listed and pain in my side and they keep brushing me off. I’ve had an ultra sound showing more the 6 cyst in one ovary. I had muliple urine samples come back with traces of red blood cells (not sure if this is associated or not) but they don’t seem to ever be worried! Maybe its time to get a second opinion…Thank you again for you article :)

  • Elaine Sis says:


    I’m very thankful for the invaluable information about ovarian cyst you provide in your website. I loved the book too!

    Have a wonderful life :)

  • abi wareing says:

    I was 15 when I got my first cyst and I am now 18 and still get them a lot, straight away I had it removed, they are incredibly painful and the only thing I can do is. Have regular scans. Ouch! :/

  • Janice Benez says:


    I’ve seen that a lot of people has left comments in your site since I came here last time. I’m glad to see the number of stories here.

    I hope it can increase the awareness of this awful illness and more people can support the cause.

  • Barbara Woods says:


    I’m very happy as well with the support of this community. I know how complicated ovarian cyst can be and there are a lot of women suffering from it.

    Thanks for your personal support!

  • jessika says:

    I am 29yrs old I have been on my period since dec 4. I have no children my husband and i have tried for some time with no luck my periods have been irregular ever since i quit getting the depavera shot, over 8 yrs ago . I quit bleeding jan 12 then on the 14 of jan my husband and i had intercourse and it hurt really bad, right after we was done i started bleeding again and it has been very heavy since then, with cramps. the rest of the time i have been bleeding without cramps i dont have insurance. Is this normal? Is something really wrong ?

  • hannah says:

    I think that I may have an ovarian cyst. Can one of the symptoms include pain of the pubic bone? I get the pain mostly at night and it wakes me up.

  • Marta says:

    I have irregular menstrual period and I thought that was caused by too much stress. Now I’m afraid it might be a symptom of ovarian cyst. Maybe I should see a doctor for check up. By the way, thanks to the author of this article, it made me aware about ovarian cyst.

  • lexa says:

    hi. good day. i was wondering if i have this ovarian cyst. because when i had my ultra sound last year around (december or just this year january2011). my ob saw that there could be a cyst in my ovary. i had my d&c before because of miscarriage. and after that, i had my one irregular menstruation. i had sex with my boyfriend when i was having my period. and it was unprotected. sometimes, it is painful. i also felt lower abdominal pain before. i am confuse if i am pregnant or i am just having a delayed menstruation. my first day was April 17, 2011. but today is may 18,2011 and it is still not coming out. i had my pregnancy test yesterday may 17. and it turned to be negative. please help. i want to know if i am pregnant or i have this ovarian cyst. thanks.

  • Barbara Woods says:


    The best thing for you to do is to pay a visit to your doctor and ask him to run some test to see if you are pregnant.
    The pregnancy test you buy from a drug store is good but the ones taken in doctor’s office is much more safe.

  • Jackeline Limns says:

    I’m glad I landed on this website. That’s the exact information I was looking for.
    I’ve suffering with ovarian cyst for such a long time and it’s hard to find a cure for that.
    I never wanted to go under surgery. I’m afraid of something goes wrong and I might end up dead.

  • sewuese says:

    My name is sewuese.Tanx for this informatn,i think i av a cyist on my ovary.i av sharp pains on my rightside pevic,vomitin,av’nt sen my flo,regular headaches,pimples all ova my face,cramps on my right leg,fatigue,very painful sex.culd dat be it pls help.

  • bev hansen says:

    hi my neice had a complex cyst removed{she had a baby 6 months ago and she hasnt gotten a period yet}doctor said she would get a period after they removed the complex cyst,and did a dc on her and remove scar tissue,what i need to know is how long before her period comes..

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