Discover the Ovarian Cyst Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Many of the women in the whole world are being affected by ovarian cyst. It is a disease that you should not take for granted because the symptoms will affect your entire life. Some are not yet conscious that they have ovarian cyst because they do not feel any symptoms while the others who have this disease are already suffering from the unbearable symptoms. The ovarian cyst can lead to ovarian cancer when not treated early. Once you have this disease, you should take the necessary precautions to avoid further damages.

Prior to choosing the ordinary means of treating the complicated ovarian cyst, you must be very much aware of the cysts on ovaries symptoms which you are likely to bear when the cyst has ruptured.

Here are the usual symptoms of ovarian cyst:

  • Possible bleeding if you do not have menstrual period. The bleeding is caused by the ovarian cyst ruptured.
  • There is pain in the pelvic region. The throbbing is similar to the one you are suffering when you have menstrual cramp but it is more painful and usually last for a long time.
  • You will endure irregular, early or delayed menstrual cycles.
  • You urinate too much and very often. There is pain in urination and bowel movement.
  • You are suffering from the morning sickness of pregnant women even though you are not pregnant.
  • You will gain some unwanted weight and there is unusual softness in your breast region.

You should visit your doctor once you have encountered some of the ovarian cyst symptoms to have a proper analysis and for you to have the proper treatment. To prevent the cyst from further development making it malignant, you should implement some early prevention.

There are numerous cures for ovarian cyst for you to choose from. You can have the traditional way of undergoing in a surgery or cure it in a less expensive and safer way.

  • You should have a healthy and balance diet.
  • Avoid eating red meat or too much dairy foods.
  • Drink herbal teas aside from the 8 glasses of water which you should take daily. Herbal tea will get rid of the pain temporarily.
  • Make exercising a part of your daily schedule.
  • Make enough time of rest. Avoid feeling too much stress because it can trigger the occurrence of the symptoms.
  • Pamper yourself but not too much. You should love yourself.

40 Responses to Discover the Ovarian Cyst Symptoms and Natural Remedies

  • afshan says:

    i have an ovarian cyst in my right ovary which sized 2.7inches. my doctor gave me medications and said for laproscopy .what i should do ,whether i dont want to have laproscopy

  • Karsten Hooke says:

    Thanks for filing and posting it up! I can now determine whether I’m still safe or somewhat in danger. But still, I will be feeling better and will definitely have peaceful mind if I visit a doctor.

  • Pam Grifin says:

    That’s completely true. Lot’s of women is suffering from this horrible disease and no one care about it.
    I’m not against walks for people for have cancer and AIDS but ovarian cyst is very complicated as well and kill a lot of women every year.
    I think we should start a group to support women who suffer from ovarian cyst.

    who would join me?

  • Mom of 2 says:

    I don’t believe a natural remedy would cure ovarian cyst. I’ve had cysts since I’m 15 and I always had to go to the doctor to get medicated.
    I avoided at all costs to go under surgery, but if I had the money I might do it.

  • ntimane ntombifuthi maureen says:

    I am having this horrible disease and i did this laprotomy once.but know this thing is still block me to have children so what must are do?

  • Barbara Woods says:


    I wish I could give you a better answer but I’m not a doctor. I created this website to provide good information about ovarian cyst.

    My personal advice is to go to a doctor to find out if you still can have children.

  • Judy Patrick says:

    Many people around the world think that breast cancer is the only illness that they should support. When in fact, the ovarian cyst is a fast growing reproductive illness which kills women around the world every year. I would like to be an active member of ovarian cyst groups!

  • Rachel Portli says:


    I completely agree with you. I think we all should devote more time to spread the news and let more people know about ovarian cyst.
    I believe that if more people become aware we can start a campaign to teach all women about it.

  • Nicole P. says:


    I really appreciate you taking time to write these useful and information articles about ovarian cyst. :)

  • Haydee Atlas says:

    Thanks for the great information, being aware of the symptoms is the first step in fighting ovarian cyst.

  • Jenna says:

    Hi Pam! I would like join your group, its our responsibility to reach as many women as possible and educate them regarding this horrible disease.

  • Summer says:

    Ditto, Judy! A lot of women needs to be educated about Ovarian Cyst. It is the silent killer of women. Thank God, I have been informed of this disease through the e-book, Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets!

  • Chelsea says:

    Exactly! Women needs to be aware of the dangers of Ovarian Cyst as well. Its great though that we have this website and the Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets e-book to educate us regarding this concerning disease.

  • marcia says:

    My daughter has been fighting this pain for years…it started with her periods. Mmr’s are too late to find anything. the last gyn gave her medicine for infection and said that would help. …2 instances later , pain worse. apparently it’s a functional cyst. Wouldn’t have know if it wasn’t complicated with a kidney stone. Crazy. there has got to be something to prevent these cysts from forming in the first place. B control doesn’t help. I guess we go back for pain medicine. I hate it that that is the answer. Too young for this! what have you done?

  • Jayna Cris says:

    It’s very true that we have been veering away from what should be done. We should be sticklers to a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle. The reality is that there’s lot of temptations: fast food, processed food, red meat. It boils down to discipline and willpower.

  • jackie says:

    hi barbara
    i just found out that i had an ovarian cyst on my left side bt before knowing this i had back pains, i urinated alot, and there was pain while having sex are those systems related to the cyst? i know u said the urination was but what about the back pains and painful sex?

  • Barbara Woods says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Ovarian cyst has many different symptoms that varies from person to person. In some cases the person even think they are pregnant due to the similarity of the symptoms.

    In order for you to get a better answer regarding your symptoms, you should definitely visit your doctor.

  • Patricia says:

    Sharing us the natural way of overcoming ovarian cysts is a big help you had provided to us. Knowing those things can help lessen our expenses and eventually help to cure such disease. Thanks!

  • Edward says:

    It will be perfect a birthday present also! My friend is having so much fun and interest in reading books and I’m pretty sure she’ll love this one.

  • Alisha says:

    I would like to share my small story: One and half years ago, I went to the doctor and explained I had been diagnosed with a small fibroid during my tour in Iraq so he set me up with an ultrasound. small fribroid was the only thing found, great right? 10mos ago I started getting sharp pains in my lower abdomen while stretching or reaching for something. I thought I was on the verge of having a hernia. So I went back to my Doctor. He set me up for another ultrasound. I had an extremely large cyst (bout the size of a baseball the doc said) on my right ovary with a 2.3cm soft nodule on the interior of it. I also had a small cyst on the left ovary. He thought he was going to have to take my ovary. :-( two months later I was in surgery. It has been 8mos, since my surgery and the pain I had before has returned. I had another ultrasound and have yet another cyst. 1.2inches in diameter. Surgery again????

    I heard that with each surgery like this, Laproscopic, that you reduce your chances of pregnancy or normal pregnancy?

    Sad thing is all I want is to have children when I am financially ready, but because of an atonoma on my pitutary gland, I no longer ovulate properly and will continue to be infertile until I recieve the medication to shrink the atonoma. :-(

  • Sandra says:

    No wonder why you never stop recommending this book. It’s a must read one. Every woman should know these things and even men, you guys should be the first who care for your girls.

  • Jen Miller says:

    I very happy I found this forum. Every time I come back I learn more and more, specially from people having the same issues as me. Thanks for all of you!

  • Brandie Albert says:

    Ever since I was 13 years old I was diagnosed with ovian cysts. Iam 31 years old and I thank GOD every day that i have a heathly 8 year old. But whats happening now is that I still have ruptering cysts that feel worse then giving birth naturally

  • Cristina F.M. says:

    I am diagnosed to have an ovarian cyst.
    since operation is not an option for me, I have to find for a sure and natural cure for ovarian cyst.
    I don’t have credit cards or paypal accounts so please inform me on how to get over this concerns.
    Many thanks.

    Cristina F. M.

  • angel feliciano says:

    HI..i’m 19 yrs old and i have an ovarian cyst..and all they gave me was pain medication..Is that keeping me from getting pregnant?..because i’ve been trying to get a baby for almost a year now..

  • Jessie Daniels says:

    Today i was diagnosed with having a ovarian cyst and all the results,comments, and facts just proved that i need more info from a doctor.I am so sorry for all of us who suffer but the GREATER one in us JESUS will help us get through if we only beleive.Thanks for all shared info to help me get enclosure to a problem i have suffered with for 14 yrs and i thought it was constipation.

  • georgia says:

    I have cyst on my ovary and yes I had the surgery and then I got them again I’m going to try the remedies. I am a mother of 2 and I was lucky enough to have the two kids that I do have because I had 5 cyst and it was difficult for us to have the first child I want another child but the cyst don’t make it easy.

  • mother of two says:

    And my qustion is does this syst thing keep you from having kids? Jw because I would love to have kids again.

  • loretta wiggins says:

    when i was 25 i had a ovarian cyst removed that was the size of a soft ball. now i am 34 and i have another one and dont have the money to go the right doctors again so i sit and suffer throgh the pain

  • prettyrae says:

    last month I had terrible pain n my lower abdominal. Thinking it was just a late visit from having my period the week before, I ignored it. So this month before my period I has so much pain and bleeding and ended up in ER. They told me I have ovarian cyst on both ovaries and gave me pain meds and a gel to use at night vaginally. Meds don’t help with pain at all and the gel brought even more pain at night. So along with this I got a flu. Breaking temps and sweats I was in so much pain. Now that I am over the sickness the pain itself is so unberring. I have been in bed the past week and don’t go anywhere but bathroom. When I do get out of bed, it hurts to walk, it hurts to move any which way it hurts to sneeze, cough. Doctors told me to wait a month before doing another ultrasound. Will it serve me any if I were to go into hospital because of the pain or is this normal?

  • Melanie Samantha says:

    I’m happy to know that there are a lot of natural remedies for ovarian cyst aside from surgery. Though this doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be careful. These remedies can also be a good prevention for it. Every women should really have a healthy lifestyle.

  • Naheed says:

    hi.. i’m really glad i came across this site..when i was 9 yrs old my right ovary had to be removed coz of a huge ovarian cyst…now i’m 21yrs old and suffering from a polycystic ovary…i’m in a turmoil and i’m very anxious … i dunno what to do ….

  • Lupe says:

    Thanks for the great info! I’m a 15 year old suffering from an ovarian cyst which is heart breaking hearing I have it. But thanks for the info helped a lot! :)

  • Jomaira says:

    I just found out I have ovarian cyst… And doctors want to prescribe me birth control…. What kind of medicine is out there for this diseased? I don’t want them to shrink I want them to go away…I surgery the best way to go?

  • Jessica Bennett says:

    Now that I know that ovarian cyst can be acquired by anyone else, I have to be careful. Thank you so much for a great article. I’m sure this will help a lot. This is a good way to prevent this from happening.

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